Veronica Solorzano was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. In 1999 she moved to the United States. At a very young age she had a passion for design. She was always involved in helping her mother design their home. “I would always go with her to meet the designer and when decisions needed to be made, I interrupted and gave my opinion.”

She started her studies in Florence Italy at the Accademia Italiana d’ Arte Moda e Design and after graduating in Italy, came to Miami to pursue her studies; graduating with a BFA of Interior Design at the Art Institute of Fort-Lauderdale. She worked for several years for a well known interior designer based in Miami and being part of a great team, she gained enough experience that led her to take on a bigger challenge.

In 2010 she decided to start her own company Verso Design, which specializes in designing high-end residential spaces. In her projects she creates a lifestyle that incorporates a new design and approach but always combining it with her client’s needs.
Her work now illustrates simplicity, luxury, in open spaces with clean contemporary lines.

Photography being one of her numerous hobbies, has given her an eye for detail letting her look for new things in everything that surrounds her. Veronica’s dedication and determination have made her very successful in the industry allowing her to also style interiors for professional photographers and designers.

Her big passion for traveling throughout the world has exposed her to different cultures, textures, materials and colors that have led her to also incorporate all of these experiences in her designs making her unique in what she does and always providing the best to her clients.

“The biggest satisfaction that I encounter after a project is completed, is witnessing that I have fulfilled my clients expectations”.